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Closed Bid Opportunities

RFP 2024-01 Registered Nursing Services for Early Childhood Development Centers        Did Not Award

RFP 2023-04 Technology for Multimedia Training Room                  Awarded to AVI Systems Inc

RFB 2023-03 RFB Qty 7 New Vehicles 7-8 Passenger Minivans       Awarded to Barry Motors Ephrata

RFP 2023-02  RFP Construction Project Management Services       Awarded to Alliance Management and Construction Solutions

RFP 2022-02 Exhibit A Benton City Site Plan

RFP 2023-02 Exhibit B Benton City Floor Plan

RFP 2023-02 Exhibit C Applicable Grant Regulations-Procurement Standards and Contract Provisions



RFP 2022-002 Repost Mental Health Consultation Service Providers

Awarded to: Multiple Provider 

RFP 2021-017 Digital Multi-Function Copier Lease

Awarded to: QBSI Xerox

RFB 07222021 EFC Devices

Awarded to: Insight 





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